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NOW LANDING: 21st Amendment Brewery — Down To Earth


SAN FRANCISCO (March 19, 2015) – In 2011, 21st Amend­ment Brew­ery launched HAM, the space chimp, into orbit with the release of one of the first and orig­i­nal ses­sion ales, Bit­ter Amer­i­can. Plucked from the jun­gle floor, HAM was tasked with the impor­tant mis­sion of bring­ing a beer with all the hop aroma and fla­vor of an IPA, and only 4.4% alco­hol, to the peo­ple of Amer­ica. The mis­sion was accom­plished and now 21A co-founders Nico Frec­cia and Shaun O’Sullivan are bring­ing HAM back to Earth for the national debut of Down to Earth, Ses­sion IPA, replac­ing Bit­ter Amer­i­can in 21st Amendment’s year round line-up. (more…)
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Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils

Style: Czech Style Pil­sner
Alco­hol Con­tent: 5.3%
Tast­ing Notes: Pours a crisp yel­low with high car­bon­a­tion. Light, easy drink­ing with min­i­mal hop bit­ter­ness on this pil­sner. Corn Pops cereal comes through on the nose. (more…)

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Intuition King Street Imperial Stout

Style: Impe­r­ial Stout
Alco­hol Con­tent: 8.5%
Tast­ing Notes: Pours a deep black with strong choco­late and roasty tones. Min­i­mal cof­fee with a touch of cocoa. Full bod­ied with mocha tones and a very smooth fin­ish. (more…)

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Aardwolf Belgian Pale Ale

Style : Bel­gian Pale Ale
Alco­hol Con­tent: 5.9%

Tast­ing Notes: Pours a hazy orange to a light amber. Medium bit­ter­ness is per­ceived with strong Juicy Fruit chew­ing gum fla­vors among other fruity tones. The stan­dard Bel­gian sweet taste is show­cased in the beer as well. (more…)

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Bell’s Amber Ale 12 oz. Bottle

Fun Facts: Bell’s Brew­ery once a very small brew­ery that has now blown up to epic pro­por­tions and is now a world class craft brew­ery. Their cur­rent sea­sonal for sum­mer although avail­able year round in most states is Bell’s Oberon, which is a tan­ger­ine wheat beer. Folks in Michi­gan only get this beer in sum­mer while the rest of us in warmer states are graced with its pres­ence year round! (more…)

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Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Takeover @ Kickbacks Gastropub 7−28−14

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp series will have an exclu­sive tap takeover event at Kick­backs Gas­tropub in Jack­sonville , Florida. All 12 of the Sierra Nevada Col­lab­o­ra­tions will be on tap July 28th start­ing at 7PM. Please show your sup­port to one of the best places to dine and drink at in Jack­sonville at Kick­backs. Kick­backs recently opened the out­side patio of their new addi­tion next door named Goo­zlepipe and Gut­ty­works which will ensure there will be plenty of room and phe­nom­e­nal beer to go around!

The List includes the Who’s Who of Craft Beer and is as fol­lows: (more…)

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Industry Beer News– New Breweries to open up in Jacksonville, Florida

While the clos­ing of Mile Marker Brew­ing in St Augus­tine, Florida made no one happy, there is good news on the hori­zon for the Jack­sonville craft beer scene. Four new brew­eries are about to be fully oper­a­tional and are going to be open­ing their doors soon! (more…)

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Bold City Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale

His­tory: Bold City Brew­ery is a great brew­ery that has made big strides in the Jack­sonville mar­ket and Florida. First and Fore­most Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale pays homage to the owner of Bold City’s late, beloved boxer. (more…)

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